Statement on Data protection negotiations

Jan Albrecht 19 October 2010

As some concerns have been raised in the press concerning the procedure that will be followed for the negotiations with Council on the Data Protection Regulation as rapporteur I would like to clarify the following:

On Monday the LIBE committee of the European Parliament will vote the compromises I negotiated with the other political groups. They will result in a report of the LIBE committee (Rule 70 of Parliaments Rules of Procedure). Based on this report I will also ask the LIBE committee for a mandate to enter into negotiations with Council together with a negotiation team involving all political groups.

These negotiations (or trilogues) are to be based on the position of the LIBE committee as outlined in its report and the general approach of Council (which currently has not yet been reached). They will be held in line with the recently improved "code of conduct for negotiations in the context of ordinary legislative procedures” (Annex XXI to the rules of procedure of the European Parliament).

Both the LIBE report and Council general approach documents will be accessible to the public. Every negotiation round will be announced. The negotiating team shall report back to the committee on the outcome of the negotiations and make all texts distributed available to the committee. Eeach report back to LIBE is public and webstreamed.

If after a series of negotiations we manage to agree with Council on a package that would meet our ambitions to update and strengthen data protection for citizens and create a secure business environment I will recommend it for adoption by the LIBE committee and plenary. However a first reading agreement is not a foregone conclusion. If the Council does not offer us a good deal I will recommend MEPs to confirm the LIBE report in plenary and launch second reading negotiations. I have discussed my intention with my shadow rapporteurs to in any event seek a plenary vote before the end of this mandate, whichever way the negotiations go.

Furthermore I would like to underline that entering into first reading negotiations as such is not undemocratic, certainly not if the code of conduct is followed. And this is what I intend to do. I am committed to a transparent process handing those that wish to contribute the tools to take part and intervene. To facilitate this process we will keep you informed through are website and in any event feel free to contact me at